Julio Botti – ZAFARI Project

September 27, 2016

Release Date: 2004.


  • Julio Botti: Tenor Sax.
  • Marta Sanchez: Piano.
  • Francisco Lopez: Contrabass.
  • Acier Oleaga: Drums.

[Track – Autor – Duration]

  1. 666 – Julio Botti – 6:57
  2. Kipoff – Marta Sanchez – 6:45
  3. Balada para Patricia – Marta Sanchez
  4. Relationship – Julio Botti
  5. Flower Blues – Marta Sanchez
  6. Sofia – Julio Botti – 7:42
  7. Marlon – Julio Botti – 6:16

Zafari Project originates in Madrid in the year 2003, made up by four young musicians with the spirit of presenting a new proposal united by a common language. They are a new group with big expectations of transmitting YOUNG JAZZ in a city where it’s not easy to accept a new music scene, and introduces a repertoire based on their own songs and classics with a Madrilenian touch.

Marta, Julio, Francisco and Acier, each one with a great musical talent gives the group old and new experiences that they have obtained by their devoted dedication to jazz. One of the biggest motivations that they have was having lived in New York, emphasizing in the compositions of the band the avant-garde of jazz of that city.

With a lot of effort and dedication to this project Zafari has had an outstanding performance in the city of Madrid and surrounding areas. So many hours of rehearsals and hard work allowed Zafari Project to participate in “Injuve Iviza” in 2004.

Zafari Project makes reference to a New Adventure, a new trip of jazz that is encountered day by day by the young musicians, playing new styles with irregular metrics and stylistic concepts that are not common in the Madrilenian jazz.