Julio Botti - Saxophones
Dan Rochlis - Eight-string Guitar
Martin Bruhn - Drums, Percussion
José Luis Madueño - Piano
Jerónimo Maya and Leo de Aurora - Flamenco Guitars

Special Guests

Alex Flores - Singer
Antonio “el ciervo” - Flamenco Singer
Pedro Barceló - Drums
Jaime Vasquez - Congas


1. More Mate (Trio live) 5:59
2. Despegue Silencioso 6:27
3. Sola 6:51
4. Chakitango 5:53
5. Me Voy Quedando 6:37
6. A Charles 8:18
7. My Favorite Things 7:13
8. Intro Descarga 1:23
9. Descarga en Madrid 8.16

The Trio originates in Madrid made up by these three American musicians (Argentina, USA).

The group expresses a new musical proposal that has an impact on everyone that hears it.

A new concept of trio, in part because of the particular sound of the guitar/bass of Dan and the folkloric percussion of Martín.

The Trio is a search of new sounds that transmit fresh and vibrant music, with original songs of Dan, and Julio with a tribute to Standard of Jazz, adapted for the Trio.

Julio, Dan and Martín, each one with a great musical talent gives the Trio old and new experiences that they have obtained by their devoted dedication to this art. One of the biggest motivations of the band was having lived and studied in New York , emphasizing in the compositions of the Trio the avant-garde of jazz of that city.

With just a short time together but with a lot of dedication to his project, Julio Botti with the Trio has achieved to stand out with his sound in many European stages.

LENGUAJES is his first disk, and it has the contribution of distinguished and great musicians like José Luis Madueño (piano), Jerónimo Maya and Leo de Aurora (flamenco guitars), Alex Flores (singer), Antonio el ciervo (flamenco singer), Pedro Barceló (drums) and Jaime Vasquez (congas).